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Brief history of South African DJ culture.

August 6 2018 , Written by Chris Parkin Published on #MUSIC, #DJ

South Africa has become one of house music's major players and its DJ scene is brimming with talent. Ahead of its Red Bull 3Style National Final, here is a brief history of South African DJ culture.

Navarro on the decks at Chile's 2016 Red Bull 3Style National Final. South Africa has long been a fascinating place for fans of unique strands of electronic music. Kwaito and gqom have both become international phenomenons in recent years, but there's more weird and wonderful club music emerging from the country all the time. And with the South African Red Bull 3Style National Final taking place on December 8 at Johannesburg’s Republic Of 94 club, now is as good a time as any to explore the evolution of DJing in the country.
To get the lowdown on one of the world’s best DJ and electronic music scenes, we spoke to members of South Africa’s DJ and club world, including TeknoTribe Festival boss Nick Grater, DJ and RBMA alumni Jullian Gomes, and drum ’n’ bass hero Niskerone. Read on for a quick-fire guide to DJing in South Africa.
Go to Facebook.com/3style to watch the Red Bull 3Style South Africa National Final on December 8 from 6pm SAST / 5pm CEST.


Where it all began

International DJs have been travelling to South Africa since the end of apartheid. Hip-hop, trip-hop, techno, psy-trance – it’s all been heavily represented over the years. But house music remains king and the influence of Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Sasha and Charles Webster remains huge. Other big international acts that have inspired the country’s DJs are Franck Roger, Osunlade, Victor Ruiz and Joseph Capriati. South Africa’s early drum ’n’ bass DJs were, unsurprisingly, influenced by Andy C, Roni Size and Goldie. But the sounds of the US and Europe have, more often than not, been spun into something new by South Africans developing their own styles. Kwaito, for example. It didn’t take off internationally until 2001 but DJ Oskido claims he invented it after hearing Robin S’s Show Me Love in 1990. Oskido – and his fellow Soweto DJs – took that Chicago sound, slowed it down, deepened the bass and brought rappers into the mix to create a truly South African dance music.

African house music pioneer Oskido performing during the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Soweto, South Africa, in 2016.


Carl Cox performs on the beach at Worldwide Festival in Sete, France in 2012.

Carl Cox


Read More About the History Of South African DJ culture.

ARTICLE SOURCE:https://www.redbull.com/int-en/a-brief-history-of-dj-culture-in-south-africa


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Brief History of African Rap

July 21 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #MUSIC, #African Rap

Brief History of African Rap

The African continent has produced some of the most talented rappers. Rap first came to the Africa in the 1980s and its impact was felt or heard in the music of Senegal in 1985. Interestingly enough, the origin of rap can be traced back to West Africa and the griots who traveled to the different African villages, delivering their messages in the spoken word, nommo.

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But of course, Africans took rap music and made it their own and today the distinctive influences of Portuguese flow, Caribbean music and the flavor of the African rhythm can be heard in the music. The African continent has produced a unique mix of rappers whose popularity grow each day.
Top 10 African Rappers – African Hip Hop 2017

Here is a list of the top ten rappers in Africa.

#10 – Casper Nyovest (South African)

Image result for Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)


Cassper Nyovest, born Refiloe Maele Phoolo is a rapper and record producer out of South Africa. He released his debut album, Tsholofelo on July 18, 2014 which has since been certified platinum. He has released two more albums with his latest being Thuto, released in 2017.

Cassper has been the recipient of several awards and nominations. These awards include Album of the Year, Best New Comer, Best Music Video and Best Single .

#9 – Khaligraph Jones (Kenyan)Image result for #9 – Khaligraph Jones (Kenyan)


Khaligraph Jones, real name Brian Robert Ouko, is one of the most popular recording artistes in Kenya. A very talented artiste, he is able to fluently rap in both Swahili and English. Khaligraph recorded his first song at the age of thirteen and has since recorded over 400 songs. At the age of 19, he won the Channel O Emcee Africa competition and was a Kenyan music ambassador in 2014.

Khaligraph recorded his first song at the age of thirteen and has since recorded over 400 songs. At the age of 19, he won the Channel O Emcee Africa competition and was a Kenyan music ambassador in 2014.

#8 – Ice Prince (Nigerian)

Image result for Ice Prince (Nigerian)


Nigerian, recording rapper and actor Ice Prince came to the attention of Nigerians when he released a remix of Oleku. In 2011, he released his debut album, Everybody Loves Ice Prince. Three years later, he displayed another of his talents when took on a supporting role in the film House of Gold.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has received several nominations and awards. In 2014, he won the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Rap Act of the Year and the Ben TV Awards for the Best Hip Hop Artiste of the Year.

#7 – M.anifest (Ghanaian)

Image result for M.anifest (Ghanaian)


M.anifest (Kwame Ametepee Tsikata)is one of the most influential rappers in Ghana. In 2005 he graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Two years later he produced his first solo album Manifestations. Star Tribune recognized this album as one the top five albums of the year in 2007.

Since then he has released four more albums, a number of singles and has worked with top acts such as Erykah Badu and Tony Allen. At the start of 2017, Ghanaians crowned him the Ghanaian King of Hip-Hop after he received the awards for Best Rapper of the Year and Hip-Hop Song of the Year at the Ghanaian Music Awards.

#6 – M.I. (Nigerian)

Image result for M.I (Jude Abaga)

 M.I (Jude Abaga) is one of the most successful recording artistes in Nigeria.  He gained the attention of music fans in 2006 with the song Crowd Mentality. His debut album Talk About It (2008) received a lot of attention and further boosted his popularity. His growing popularity saw him assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer of Chocolate City in 2015.

Among the many awards he has accumulated are Best Hip Hop and Best New Act at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards. Dubbed the Messiah of Hip-Hop in Nigeria, he has helped to launch the music careers of many rappers like Ice Prince in Nigeria. He has gained international record for being a part of the vanguard of Afrobeat and in 2012 was named a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

#5 – ProVerb (South African)

Image result for ProVerb (South African)


A very talented man, ProVerb is a rapper, TV and radio presenter, a technical and content producer and a real estate agent. ProVerb (Tebigo Thesiko), began his rapping career in 199. His albums, The Book of Proverb, Manuscript and Write of Passage has brought him a lot of attention in South Africa

The rapper also hosts and produces his own show, The Pro-File. South Africans respect ProVerb for being the only rapper who does not include vulgar language in his music. He won the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards for Hustler of the Year.

#4 – Phyno (Nigerian)

Image result for Phyno (Nigerian)


Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, stage name Phyno, raps, sings, writes and produces songs. He first entered the music scene as a producer in 2003 and in 2014 decided to go behind the microphone. His debut album No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014. The singles Ghost Mode, Man of the Year were very popular.

He has gone on to produce two more albums and a number of singles. In 2014, his single Parcel won him the Headies award for the Best Rap Song for the Year. In 2015 he received a nomination from MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Artiste of the Year for his song Himself

#3 – AKA (South African)

Related image


Dubbed Prince of South African Rap, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, AKA, is one of the most popular hip hop rappers and record producers in South Africa. He began his solo career in 2009 and has dropped hits like Mistakes and Do It. Awards he has received include the “Best Street Urban Music Album” and “Male Artist of the Year” at the 18th South African Music Awards (SAMA)

AKA album Levels went platinum in South Africa in May 2016. AKA has opened concerts for international rappers like Big Sean, Kanye and Kendrick Lamar. In 2014, he signed a multi-album deal with Sony in 2014. He has receive his third nomination for the Best International Act: Africa for  the 2017 staging of the BET Awards.

#2 – Modenine (Nigerian)

Image result for Modenine (Nigerian)



ModeNine is an African rapper who spent his early years in London, England before he relocated to Nigeria.  His first recorded album, IX Files was not well well received. A mixtape released in 2004 that brought him to the attention of music lovers in Nigeria.

His second album Pentium I boosted his popularity and gave him international recognition. Some of the most popular songs from this album are Rock on and Lagos State of Mind. He has been the recipient of three Channel O Awards and has performed along international artiste and fellow African, Akon.

#1 – Sarkodie (Ghanaian)

Image result for Sarkodie (Ghanaian)


Micheal Owusu Addo, Sarkodie, is one of them most popular and celebrated rappers out of Ghana. He has a degree in Graphic design and is the owner of the clothing line, Sark by Yas. He released his debut Album Makye, however, it was his first single, Baby that skyrocketed his popularity.

Samsung Electronics selected him to be their Brand Ambassador in 2012. Among the many awards, he has won is the 2012 BET Awards for Best International Act: Africa. He has performed alongside international artistes such as Miguel, Movado, Trey Songz and Ludacris. He has toured North America, Europe and has performed at many sold-out concerts.



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Why New Bands Should Start With Smaller Tours

July 18 2018 , Written by Jay Published on #MUSIC, #TOUR, #GIGS, #ReverbNation

Why New Bands Should Start With Smaller Tours

Releasing a debut album or EP is an incredibly exciting thing for a new band. If you love the music you’re making, you might feel like you can take on the world. But while putting out music inspires some new bands to book long, national tours, it’s not always the right move. Here are a few reasons why you should consider starting small and building from there:

Good tours take experience to book and play
You might not know it yet, but touring can be mind-numbingly difficult work. Even bands with years of experience often struggle with long tours. Unless you’re getting help booking shows and have lots of money to invest, it’ll probably take months of hard, thankless work to put your first tour together. Realistically, and I don’t say this to be discouraging, the shows you manage to book on your first tour will be bad. Empty rooms, venues with bad sound systems, and debt.

Unless your band is experiencing a sizable amount of success out of the gate, first tours are usually rough because no one knows who you are yet. Sure, your music might be great, but good national venues and music fans alike probably won’t take a chance on you because they’ve never heard of you. Touring as a new, unknown band can definitely be a positive thing, but most artists short on experience are better off starting small and making a name for themselves in their own region before they go anywhere else.

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Starting small allows you to build momentum in your region
A much more sustainable touring situation for new bands is to consistently play in other cities in their region on the weekends. No, it’s not as cool to tell your friends you’re playing in a nearby city than it would be to say you’re embarking on a month-long tour, but you’ll get more bang for your buck if you start small. Short weekend touring will help you learn how to book shows in other cities in music scenes you’ll have a decent chance of playing once every few months. Another reason long tours don’t go well for new bands is that musicians are often forced to take shows in small cities they have no plans of ever returning to. Sure, if you’re a new band from Omaha, you can probably get booked in Bangor, Maine, but other than some performance experience, what will that give you? Not much, most likely. Sticking to weekend shows in your region will give your band the best chance at building a fan base because the cities closest to you are easy to get to.

Staying close to home allows you to focus on your music
Yes, big tours are exciting, but they can also be distracting for new bands who are still developing their sound. Playing short weekend shows in your region gives you the experience of touring without taking your away from writing music and playing in your local scene. Also, unless you live in a city with no music venues, you shouldn’t try booking long tours until you’ve made a name for yourself in your own city.

Patrick McGuire is a writer, musician, and human man. He lives nowhere in particular, creates music under the name Straight White Teeth, and has a great affinity for dogs and putting his hands in his pockets.

article  source:http://blog.reverbnation.com/2018/07/17/why-bands-should-start-with-smaller-tours/
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Touring Regionally Vs Nationally: 5 Things To Consider

July 18 2018 , Written by Rebecca Published on #Music, #TOUR, #GIGS

Touring Regionally Vs Nationally: 5 Things To Consider


Touring can be tricky for bands who haven’t found an audience. A solid national tour can help a band connect with new listeners, garner good press, and develop important connections with other musicians. But for some artists, sticking to shorter tours within the region of their hometown is a better option. If you’re not sure whether you should be touring regionally or nationally, here are five things to consider:

Your resources
If you and your bandmates are broke, embarking on a month-long national tour is probably not a good call. We don’t think about this much as musicians, but touring is risky. Bands on tour have to deal with things like their vans breaking down or their equipment getting stolen all the time. Not having the resources to deal with any problems that might crop up on tour could spell doom for your band. If you can’t afford a long national tour, consider staying closer to home.

The music you’re promoting
If you haven’t released new music in a while, devoting the time and resources it takes to tour nationally is probably not worth your time. You can always develop new material at shows in your hometown or in your region. Unless your band is doing exceptionally well, touring is probably not going to be something that pays you very much––if you do well enough to break even in the first place. Your band runs the risk of burning out if you tour too much, so save the long national efforts for when you’re promoting something new.

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Your strategy
Lots of bands start touring with no strategy or goals for their music. If this is you, turn the van around and head home. You’ve got a lot you need to talk about before you waste your money and time on the road. The touring strategy you should develop takes things into account like trying to play in the cities that are listening to your music the most, miles between shows, and the goals you have for your music. Talking about this will help you decide whether you want to tour regionally or nationally.

Your geographic location
Depending on where you’re based out of, touring regionally might not be an option. For example, bands on the east coast have dozens of major cities in their region, but those from the midwest are isolated. A week-long tour might be great for a band living in a populated area, but it just won’t work for bands in other regions.

The long game
What’s the bigger picture when it comes to your music? Do you want to find a label or are you just interested in connecting with more listeners? These are important questions to ask when it comes to deciding whether you want to tour regionally or nationally. The long game should always be on your mind because touring without big, meaningful goals just isn’t worth it. Having a conversation about your long-term musical goals will help you decide how and where you want to tour.

Patrick McGuire is a writer, musician and human man. He lives nowhere in particular, creates music under the name Straight White Teeth, and has a great affinity for dogs and putting his hands in his pockets.

article Source:http://blog.reverbnation.com/2018/07/03/touring-regionally-vs-nationally-5-things-consider/

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May 21 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #MUSIC, #XEPT, #LAMBO, #NAIJAPALS

Hello Guys. Xept' s Lambo is Now Available for Download on Naijapals. The Young Trapxtar Xept Decided to drop Another Singles which is not included in his Anticipated Trap Mixtape Album 1718 The LiFESTYLE.. This track is rated +18 cos of its Explicit Content.. Please Click The Link Below to Download Xept - Lambo
Rating: 5/5 average , 1 ratings



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May 21 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #Nayshen Sa, #B4u Production, #MUSIC, #Monica, #Chesto Eez, #Msamariya

Article By Fortunate Gold

Stage Name?

Nayshen Sa

Real Names?

Benjamin Mokgethi

Born and raised in Bloemfontein

This music mogul started his journey of music early in his prime, He since began as rapper and later brought together a trio group

Named “novice” at Botshabelo and later left the group to form another trio in Bloemfontein called “Excavatorz”,he since developed a desire of being on the productions side of his music which since made him leave the group and started exploring the business and production side of music during this time he was being groomed by the likes of P.Major,Mds And Lebohang Monaheng well known producers of their decade, he since released a house album in 2007 called ‘Reason Vol I” which did fairly well for a novice artist , his biggest brake through so far came later in 2010

Nayshen Sa and His Beloved Daughters

When he co-produced Chesto Eez’s first mixtape which introduced him to the masses of musicians globally and locally whom he since produced for their various projects, but over everything Nayshen Sa is a humble soul that always put god first on his plans and a father of two and a husband. His also known for his vocal opinion about what or who he believes in. One credit you can’t fail him on is introducing youngsters and local superstars to the music world he has developed a lot of artists till this day the likes of ‘Skan-Terror,El-Fez,Romanhof Dynamics,Chesto Eez’ to name a few his latest Collabos and features are amazingly big and when asked why is it this is what he had to say ‘’ I truly don’t plan for Collabos or features if I work on a project the project tells me who can be suitable to make it better I just approach them’’ Nayshen Sa is currently working on a new album to be released in august 2018

And already been offered a distribution deal with “Sheer”

Titled “Reasonning Component” which has features of artists like “Vincent Bones, Ricardo Dyson, Millton Page, C-Lab Musiq, Stereo Tone and many more…”

He will be released a new song “Monica” feat Ricardo Dyson on Friday 27th April 2018 following a successful single he did with C-Lab Musiq and Millton Page “Afraid of Love


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April 27 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #KRUCIAL, #MUSIC

article by Fortunate Gold

follow Krucial on Facebook:Jarka'rlos Thomas

Email: Krucial20@gmail.com

Watch on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1q5BcB25Co&feature=youtu.be



Xavier Thomas


Stage name is Krucial I'm from fort Pierce FL But currently stay in Tallahassee


I'm 24 years old I started off in middle school writing poems for the females I liked but always got turnt down. In high school I still made poetry untill one day this group formed from dance class called geek squad they all loved to free style so I tried it. At first I wasn't that good but then I started going to a teen center where they did music. That where I created my first song Palmer Monroe teen center. During the summer I spent my time chilling with my cousin in closet friends beat friend was Sidney ponder we stayed free styling. He was the first one to really tell me I had a gift. From there I kept at it in got better my second song I did with my white brother I call whyett Hamm awesome dude.


I've release three projects you can find them all under Charlie sky films on YouTube. There's krucial solo, krucial WILDKAT which just dropped, and pharaoh ft krucial rude boi. Pharaoh is a artist with krucialproductions which is a movement of mine. A family. My future plans I have a ep dropping in august in for the summer I have a major drop video Coming up. Other than that I have a couple features to do.


The more you write the better you get. Never be afraid to accept rejection. For rejection teaches the lessons of pain, and pain will rebuild a strong foundation!!




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Who Is Csyzer?

April 20 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #Csyzer, #Music

article by Fortunate Gold

Real name?

Simon Mkhonto


an RnB/Pop artist and an actor

Date of Birth

11 January 1991 in kzn ,Manguzi.


He attended kwahlomula primary school then to Amandla high school completed in 2010.

Started doing music in 2008 recorded and dropped a mixtape titled My World in 2014, since then he had dropped a number of singles including the hit Mina Naye which got him a music video deal with Ethan Film Productions and short the video in 2016 October .


Now he is working on a EP to be dropped late in April with singles Your boo My boo got airplays in VOT FM and the Amazing thing single which will shoot a video for early in April ,Csyzer as an actor in 2016 he was given a role of a corrupt cop in the mzansi magic movie Vuyani.

For more info

u can like his facebook page www.facebook.com/csyzer

or www.reverbnation.com/csyzer


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April 13 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #TRENCH SQUAD, #YAMAGUCHI, #WE DO BEST, #MUSIC

article By Fortunate Gold


Neo Kennedy Mmatli,

Stage Name?



30/10/1995 in Gaborone.

Home Village?


what is your Story? 

I grew up in Motown n came to skol in GC.. Started loving art with drawing in primary. Listened to music at an early age hence picked up skills from rapping over lil Wayne songs. Always wanted to know the process of beat making in Junior Skol n practiced on desks using pens n pencils while in class. Bought myself a PC n installed all the softwares I needed. I began with House instrumentals then slowly went hip hop. Took me 3 years to learn how to make a hiphop beat n took me a year to improve my rap skills. I then bought a full studio set which I recorded my debut tape with, in my bedroom.

I have started working with young upcoming artist n formed a group called Trench Squad, we are doing music on a daily basis n hope to get full support from Bw


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April 6 2018 , Written by PULABOi MUSIC Published on #Music, #TAY BOZ


article By Fortunate Gold



Mogomotsi Moshongo

24 years old


Tay Boz..

I am a Rapper, producer and Hash Tag Musuc Ceo


I have worked on four projects namely

  1. The Storm Mixtape(2015)
  2. ROAD 2 GREATNESS EP(2016)
  3. HIGH 5 EP (2017)

now dropping LONG STORY ALBUM this year


"My plan is to make music bro... Its always been making music.. Im planning on building up my label into something big... With my team i believe"

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